Smash the Competition is a book that offers powerful and easy-to-implement advice on how to Smash the Competition – the right way. Bringing years of work to life with Malcolm’s experience, insight and style, his writing challenges you to step away from the norm and pursue greatness!!!!

Malcolm has developed a series of keynotes and workshops for any executive or middle manager looking for their company to get a leg up on their competition in today’s very competitive business world.


The Keynote lays down the framework for the entire conference, meeting or event. It's the single most important decision that you'll make that will insure a successful outcome. I'm sure you've been to conferences where it was flat and you came away scratching your head - reminding yourself that you just lost your time and money. If a successful Keynote is what you're after, the energy of Malcolm Out Loud leaves the lasting impression that you'll need.

His energetic style strikes nerves, enlightens, motivates and engages audiences of all kinds. In addition to his business acumen, Malcolm’s strength lies in engaging people and inspiring them to perform at their very best. His keynotes are particularly relevant to sales teams, customer service teams, employee groups and executive retreats.

Malcolm presents topics that impact people from the 30,000 foot level all the way down to the details that insure the most successful outcomes. He has presented to executives in a variety of industries from banking to not-for-profits, political leaders, students, entrepreneurs, to performance improvement professionals from across the country and executives from around the world.



FORMAT: 1 hour keynote presentation4 HUMAN AILMENTS FREE REPORT

Overcome the 4 Human Ailments

Take this free diagnosis and find out if you are stable, healthy, or if your success is on life support. Answer 40 questions and get Malcolm's recommendations on how you can address the pitfalls that hold you back.

You can always tell when a person has it all together. You can also tell when a person is depressed and suffering from one or more of the dreaded 4 Human Ailments. Failing to understand the symptoms will result in you falling short of reaching your goals.

If you could only find out what those symptoms are, you could then fix what ails you.

Sample questions:
- Do you have a set time where you work on certain projects?
- Are your resources lined-up in advance before you start a project?
- Do you enjoy working with new people?
- If a mistake is made on a client’s project, do you let them know?

It takes just 30 minutes to fill out the questionaire
to receive your report!

Take the online test then sign up for the in-depth 4 Human Ailments Tool Package or keynote K E Y N O T E

FORMAT: 1 hour keynote or a half day hands-on workshop